Lucky 13 bikes is a one man show. I design and construct all the frames shown on this site. Each tube is hand-selected  for the rider and type of bike being made and then hand mitered and fitted for the perfect weld site. I use time-proven, traditional construction methods, but this does not mean these are old world, heavy non-performance oriented bikes. Now days we can make very light very high performance bikes out of steel. On the other end if you are not seeking the newest, latest, and greatest, but simply want to recapture a bike of yester year, or want a solid commute bike we can tackle that too. Lucky 13 strives to make all kinds of bike frames not just road or mountain, but any kind of frame you can deam up, any type of riding you are into Lucky 13 is your frame source.

I've been working in the bike industry for about 15 years. I've worked in sales and been a manager and mechanic in several shops on the West and East coasts. I've also been a mechanic for a pro women's mountain bike team. 

Even before I worked in the bike industry I rode bikes and drooled over the welds on my bikes. Then I started dreaming of making my own frame. I started attending my local community college welding program, at laney college in Oakland Ca. I went there for 2 years and learned the basics. I then moved to Asheville Nc. where I enrolled at AB Tech college and recieved a welding degree. While all the other people were thinking how to weld for the big industry and construction fields, I had already been working in the bike industry and had formulated my plan of frame building. I was the guy bringing in old cut up frames to reweld the pieces for practice on real bicycle tubing. Now I am living my dream of making custom frames with my own hands. Each one is special to me, and if you chose one, I hope you will enjoy riding it as much as I enjoyed building it.


 Reggie 12-12-08